Do supermarkets in your area also sell cut price gas....?

Do supermarkets in your area also sell cut price gas....?

Do supermarkets in your area also sell cut price gas....?


If you have a credit card through the store where I shop and use it at their gas station you get 5 cents off a gallon. In the summer it's 10 cents off a gallon. Also, because I am retired from the store I get coupons periodically for $5 off a purchase of 8 gallons or more. On a side note, we also get coupons and savings days on groceries and general merchandise by using the card. We pay it off each month.


We had this in Las Vegas at the Smith's grocery stores when you used their Smith's card, it was free to get a Smith's card guess they just wanted to track your spending habits. The offer was for a % of your total grocery bill per week, you could get 10 to 40 cents a gallon off depending on how much you spend in the store that week. Now here in Hungary the Tesco grocery gives a small 10% off if you sign up and pay your food bills with a credit card from them. Not worth the 10% to us to have to get a credit card from the store, we like to pay cash only. Gas in $8. a gallon over here so the discount isn't going to help that much.


For every $250 you spend you can get 20 cents off of a gallon of gas, for one fill up only at a specified gas station. But, the supermarket does not pump its own gas.


Almost like that, we have a store that if you buy this item you get so many cents off but you have to have a store discount card and another one that you buy so much groceries for example if you buy 100 hundred dollars worth of groceries you get 10 cent off per gallon of gas and again you have to have the store discount card.. We never get any coupons for gas around here. but we do take advantage of it tho. This has been going on for years now. The only way we can get 30 cent off a gallon is to buy 300 hundred dollars of groceries.


Yes we have several grocery stores that when you spend $50 you get 10 cents off/gallon. You can accumulate the money off for up to 3 months. At the end of 3 months, I have actually gotten a full tank of gas for free. Sometimes, I haven't accumulated enough for a full tank of gas, but getting 50 cents to $1 off per gallon is nice. This has been going on in my area for many years.


Similar happens here in the UK where the supermarkets are often the CHEAPEST & give money off vouchers, depending how much spent in store...Spare a thought for us...We buy in LITRES but it works out at something like US$ 9+ a gallon......WE CALL IT PETROL.....Do NOT know what exchange rate the other British user using... quoting FOUR per gallon....(?!!) Is 2013 NOT 1973...If bought STILL in gallons would be over SIX POUNDS per gallon.....I have a smallish car which costs about ?70 to fill up (c...$109)..Lasts us a week if lucky...


Once in a while Safeway will hold some sort of gas special (coupon worth $x if you spend so much money on food) but it's not regular. Otherwise, I haven't seen anyone doing any gas specials anywhere around here.


Sam's Club gives a discount, but it's usually about the same as cash only pumps at other stores. It's was $3.29 a gallon yesterday, lowest i've seen it in awhile. I hope it stays down for summer traveling.


Yes ,all the big Supermarkets in Britain do a similar cut price system, It has been going on for several years here,but the price we pay for petrol (Gas, in your country) is far more expensive than you pat nearly $4 a gallon



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