Diet coke question?

Diet coke question?

Diet coke question?



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Drawing and giveaway ideas for small town Ford dealership?
Several things come to mind, depending on the budget that you are working with. Are you trying to have a drawing for one prize or have a prize drawing and also give away items Giveaway items could include: Baseball caps with your company name and the Ford oval Refrigerator magnets Coupons...

Where can i buy a cheap north face jacket? any department stores?
I searched a couple weeks ago for stores in Chicagoland with results that were the same as online. Dick's Sporting Goods have many styles in stock but no savings. You can get a 10% savings by scrolling down on the following site: If you're an REI...

Extreme Coupons TLC HOW DO THEY DO IT!?
Here are some basic concepts of extreme couponing. 1. Wait until the grocery items goes on sale and then use coupon(s). 2. Use a store where there is not a limit on the amount of items that you can get. 3. Use a store loyalty card. 4. Multi-Stack on a sale item (Use manufacturer's coupon, in-store...

What are some good cat food's Do you think wellness Is one?
I used to feed my cats fancy feast before i read that it has the highest caloric count of any cat food. I have been feeding them wellness for about 2 years now and they seem to like it. They like the Salmon Dry food over the Chicken. You can get all kinds of coupons for wellness, sign up for...

Which do you say?
orginally from Northern OH presently living in GA. flip flops soda shirts coupon (kuepon)