Diet coke question?

Diet coke question?

Diet coke question?



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Where can I get a good quality mattress (queen) for $500?
i once bought a futon from a black cowboy at a store called Mattress Cowboys. besides the sheriff from 'Blazing Saddles' and Larry Fishburne on the old Peewee's playhouse, never thought i'd see another one. anyway, long story short, turns out mattress cowboys got bought by sleepy's who runs...

Where is the most inexpensive place to buy household appliances?
Yes, Bed Bath and Beyond would be a good choice. They always have 20% off coupons that get mailed out or put in the newspapers. If you don't have one, try searching online for a printable one or asking your friends and neighbors if they have a coupon you can use.

Need guidance for the getting grocery coupons?
One of my favorite websites is Most of the coupon websites let you sign up and get coupons via email. Just start your printer and print.

Casino bus from NE Philly to Atlantic City?
You have a couple of options. You could try the NJTransit train from 30th Street Station to Atlantic City Station. It is $8 each way and takes about an hour and a half. It usually leaves 30th Street Station every 2 hours or so. Check the schedule here:

How to print coupon from officemax?
Im not sure if this is what you were asking but here is a coupon for $10 Off $20 (printable coupon) that is good until January 3rd, 2009