Crunchy hair from too much protein?

Crunchy hair from too much protein?

Crunchy hair from too much protein?



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Should I buy Always Infinity or Always Ultra thin?
You should definitely buy always infinity took me forever to use a tampon so i used those pads and its amazing how well they work!also,i know you said that it sounds gross, but tampons changed my periods!i used to hate being on my period but now i dont even mind!

What would be a super cheap, low key place to take my bf during spring break '10 in the U.S.?
You can try jetblue,airtran,united,us airways,southwest,delta,northwest,aa,con... You can visit this site to Find the Cheapest Deals Online and for Free coupon codes,Free Discount Coupons and Vouchers on Airlines and Hotels

Best brand for diapers? Sumone let me kno?
I would stick with one diaper brand, unless you have some really good coupons. At Target, you can use a manufactureres coupon WITH a Target coupon for Huggies, giving you 5 dollars off a pack.... I buy Pampers cruisers. Honestly, if you want the best, they are the best. Every hospital uses...

Cheapest moving companies?
Your best bet to go about doing this is in two waves: -Secure the moving truck. Your best bet is to go with Budget or Penke ***Hot Tip*** Don't rent from corporately owned stores, independent dealers are more likely to give you a better deal because they want to earn your business. Depending...

Best makeup for dark skin?
Ok. Let's start with the basics. You need a skin care routine. It sounds like you have combination skin. You need a moisturizer, SPF, cleanser, and a spot treatment. You look like you can use a good moisturizer with salicylic acid in it. Most drugstore moisturizers don't have that ingredient...