Crunchy hair from too much protein?

Crunchy hair from too much protein?

Crunchy hair from too much protein?



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Can i put 10w40 motor oil on my honda civic 2001?
We have 2009 Honda Civic and Honda oil cap and owners manual says 5W20 but on our 2005 Toyota Highlander 6 cylinder AWD it requires 5W30. FYI I have been DIY changing my own oil since I was teenager and simply followed Honda or Toyota recommmendations and never had a problem. BEST ADVICE is...

My hair is dry? HELP!?
Hey Whats up:) I think I can answer all your questions, because i have a similar issue :) Ok Well atleast you know WHY your hair is dry. I know what you mean sometimes you feel your hair is disgusting and shampooing it will help. WELL think again. You are washing away natural vitamins in your...

Best green cleaning supplies?
I usually make my own green cleaning supplies from home, but when not, I buy either Seventh Generation or Earth-Friendly Products. I find Seventh Generation products slightly more effective than Earth-Friendly products (at least concerning dish detergent and soap), but Earth-Friendly Products...

Buffets in Las Vegas Casinos/Hotels?
Here's some options. When you get here, grab a copy of the Las VEgas Review Journal, and they have coupons for 2 for 1 buffets in many of the resorts. Also, when you check into your room near the TV, there will be a magazie called "What's On" That is a TV guide and entertainment mag. It also...

FL Studio 10, Nexus VST not working?
The "Nexus" in red is normal. Red colored plugin names in the list just means it's new. Make sure you're adding Nexus to the step sequencer and not the effect mixer. To ensure this, on the top left of FL, click 'Channels', then 'add one' and click Nexus from that list (you may have to re-scan...