Crazy coupons??????????

Crazy coupons??????????

Crazy coupons??????????



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What is the best discount at Sesame Place?
First, Burger king had special coupons for admission. i think the weekday discount was $6 off for up to 6 people. Second, the seniors will get an automatic discount. so the only person paying full price would probably be you if you don't get the BK coupon Third, the kid is 2 so no ticket necessary...

Teen Love Coupons for Boyfriend?
Hi I'm a 16 yo guy so this might help, love coupons are a great idea btw. Perhaps one where you make him dinner, or a cup of coffee ,tea, or hot chocolate. Just little things like that is what my girlfriend does for me and it makes me very happy.

Where can I find a Curel foot lotion coupon?
Check this one:

SIgn Up SItes For Baby Formula Coupons? Just go to google and type in Baby Formula Coupons.

How do you cook a young chicken in the oven?
Tiffany, take it out of the package and rinse it well, and pat dry with a Scott towel or something like that. I rub mine with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, In the cavity, I add a trig each of rosemary and thyme, I place it on a rack in the baking pan, similar to a cake cooling...