Coupons in Honolulu: Arizona, Missouri, Bowfin, Dole?

Coupons in Honolulu: Arizona, Missouri, Bowfin, Dole?

Coupons in Honolulu: Arizona, Missouri, Bowfin, Dole?


did he give you the information you needed??


if youre affiliated with the military you can get coupons on hickam, pearl harbor, or any one of the other posts in the area. for food, eat at dixie grill in aiea. its a short drive up the road from the arizona memorial. get there either before lunch or in the middle of the afternoon. lunch and dinner its crowded in there. while youre out there, take some time to do some hiking. maunawili falls on the windward side is nice year round. wear closed toe shoes and take a camera. take rain gear, as its getting to be the start of the rainy season.



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