Cool Random Facts - 10pts?

Cool Random Facts - 10pts?

Cool Random Facts - 10pts?


You know that the Japanese fought along with the Germans during WO II. Because Japanese were Kamikaze and would defend themself until death, they had to nuke there country so they gave up. After they nuked a them, they signed a will. But certain Japanese wouldn't surrender and ran of to forest areas, eventually they came back at around '70 or just many many years later So they didn't think WO II ended until that date


If you researched them yourself, you would no longer be bored.


The german word for ambassador is Botschafter. All polar bears are left handed. Stand facing a wall and hold your arm out at shoulder height so that your finger tips just barely touch the wall. Bend your arm and use your other hand to rub your elbow, straighten your arm out and it will no longer touch the wall. Ian Fleming created James Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Your hair and nails carry on growing for a while after you die. Elephants have no knees. Elvis IS dead. The battle of Waterloo was the only time the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon faced each other on a battlefield. Admiral Nelson suffered from sea sickness. Francis Drake missed the first 2 days of the battle with the Spanish armada, so the story of him playing bowls when it arrived is wrong. The members of ABBA could not speak a word of english, they didn't know what they were singing just that it sounded good. Celine Dion won the eurovision song contest in 1988.


The IKEA furniture building is the color it is because being a Swedish company, it represents the Swedish flag.


your mattress is nearly twice the weight of when you bought it after about ten years because of all the dead skin cells and dust mites. your brain is 80% water Urinal in german is pisswall Some cultures believe goats to be demonic because of the horizontal slit pupils The longest word in the english language without a vowel is rhythm Every eight seconds in the USA a person is diagnosed with an STD Worlds largest spider had a leg span of 31 inches.


Mohammed is the most popular boy's name in the UK (well, I read that in the newspaper so they could be lying) You cannot sneeze with your eyes open....well, I suppose if you superglued your lids open you could, but in normal circumstances you cannot. You cannot scratch your nose with your elbow (or pick it for that matter, for two reasons - you can't reach your nose, and your elbow is too big to get up your nostril) I can't think of any more


If you put a Styrofoam cup in acetone and press it downwards it will melt.


1. Wario is a Cheeseburger 2. Wario likes Ally McBeal 3. Charlie The Unicorn can tell the future 4. Charlie bit my finger 5. Shane Dawson is a girl



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