Can I use multiple coupons on a product?

Can I use multiple coupons on a product?

Can I use multiple coupons on a product?


Most stores won't accept more than one coupon per item. However, some small stores will accept more than one coupon, so if you can find such a store you're in luck.


NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. These words are printed on EVERY coupon I have every seen. If the merchant gets caught accepting multiple coupons for the same item, they risk losing the ability to collect from the manufacturer for coupons they redeem.


The coupons will usually say on them whether or not they can be used with another (read the fine print), but in general, no. However, Malica is correct, many stores will allow the use of a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon. Manufacturers usually don't allow stores to claim money for 2 coupons on a single product. Ultimately, it is up to the retailer whether or not they want to accept the coupons.


You USUALLY cannot combine two manufacturers coupons together. If both of your coupons say "Manufacturer Coupon" then you can only use one. If one of them is a STORE coupon to Target, Walmart etc... then you can combine them. There's more helpful info about couponing at and



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