Budget to save ourselves money?

Budget to save ourselves money?

Budget to save ourselves money?


The easiest way by far to save money on a wedding, is to invite fewer people. The fewer people you invite, the fewer people you have to buy food and drink for, the smaller venue you can book. Invites, flowers are all going to revolve based on how many people you have--the more people you invite obviously the more invitations you'll need, but the more tables you'll need centerpieces for. Same with cake, the more people who will be eating it means the more cake you'll need. You'll find out quickly many things will be priced "per person" so you'll quickly see how much each person at your wedding will be costing you. One thing I would suggest, is if you're having the groom wear a tux, you should have the groomsmen wear tuxedos as well. You can get a very simple, black tux rented for around $50-75 each, depending on where you're getting married. Plus, many tuxedo rental places offer deals where if you rent 3 or 4 tuxedos, the groom gets his for free. I know Men's Warehouse offers such a deal, so research prices before you decide something like that. It might actually be less expensive for the groomsmen to rent tuxedos, rather than have to buy a certain pair of pants, shirt and tie. Plus, it will look much better in the photos if they're all in tuxedos, rather than just the groom in a tux, and the groomsmen in shirts and ties--it will look like they're 2 different weddings. Just a suggestion for you to think about.


Decide what is a priority and what you're willing to spend on these things. A smaller guest list always makes the budget easier. I have 2 specific tips: You don't need professional photography for the engagement or the wedding. Find a friend who is a good shot behind the lense. Another option is to give many of your guests disposable cameras. Its cheap and you're guarenteed to get many different angles and things having just one photographer might miss. Also, instead of getting an actual bridal gown, get a bridesmaids or other formal dress in white (or whatever color you want to use).


There is no limit to the amount one can spend on wedding flowers. The best way to save money here is to buy diy wedding flowers. Of course, this involves putting your flowers together. If you are willing and able to, then check out an online flower wholesaler such as where they sell all types of flowers, much more than what you can get locally.


Our wedding was all DIY and we probably spent between $1500-2000. Do as much as you can yourself or have family help out. My aunts helped make the food for our reception. My mom and I did our invitations and flowers. Don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money just because that is what you see in the bridal magazines.


Make your centerpieces and bouquets yourself. Use more greenery and less flowers. Do NOT waste money on "favors". Do your invites yourself on the computer....You can get kits from Staples for about $20.00 to $30.00. Engagement pictures....Have a friend take some don't need "formal pictures" for this. Wedding pictures are expensive...start calling around as you will get a variety of prices. (when my daughter got married we were quoted anywhere between $5,000.00 to 700.00), ask friends who have already got married for recommendations. If you want to cut cost...check your local junior college photography class instructor. See if they have a recommendation for a student, or sometimes the instructor does it as a side line business. Hope this helps some..... Good Luck!


The answerers above are right. The easiest way to cut costs is limiting the guest list. After that, I recommend you prioritize what is important to you and what is not. Spend money on the important things and limit spending on the items you don't care about. Instead of going through the many ways you can cut spending on your wedding, I suggest you check out my company's blog: Any post title that starts with "Cheap Tricks" will outline ways for you to save money on your event. The blog has been up over a year and there are lots of Cheap Tricks posts. I hope this helps and congrats on your engagement! Sara Owner,


Buy wholesale stationery for your invitations! By buying wholesale, you are buying straight from the manufacturer, which will save a lot of money in the long run. This site has some cute wedding invitations:


The BEST way to save money on a wedding is to limit your guest list. Seriously. The fewer people you have, the less money you have to spend. Engagement pics = optional. Save money by not doing them. Invitations = make them yourselves by buying some nice card stock stationery (they sell it at Walmart in the wedding section) and printing it yourself. Or use a site like Wedding pics = find a photographer who is just starting out- they'll use your photos to beef up their portfolio and will probably be cheaper. But definitely price shop. Flowers = also optional but generally used. Price compare real vs. fake/silk. Go to a site like and use their budget tracker and checklists. It'll help you figure out what you need and how much you can set aside for it.


Honestly, the best advice you can get - and this is becoming increasingly popular but is rather unorthodox - is to take as much of your business online. I'm not talking about buying all of your stuff online, I'm talking about putting up a site with good tools to manage your wedding. With a good wedding website, you and your fiancee can invite via e-mail, do online RSVP's and promote it via a number of inexpensive, free avenues. You can even find places to get good, free wedding websites.



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