Black Friday (HELP!!!!!!!!!!)?

Black Friday (HELP!!!!!!!!!!)?

Black Friday (HELP!!!!!!!!!!)?


most store open at 5. toys r us, target, best buy. walmarts sales start at 5 but most are open 24 hrs so you can get there at anytime and just wait for the stuff to be at the sale price. they however won't let you put anything in your cart until 5 am.


The best time to go out on Black Friday is definetly not at 12am. thats's when the roads are packed and you will never find parking. After 4 to 5 hours people start to leave but it's not completely so much better. Try going around 4am-5am. No later because the stores don't always have things left and they close eventually...maybe even 3 am... Very expensive stores like coach, juicy courture, ralph lauren, Banana Republic, and all of the brand name places all packed. it's the one day that those stores have reasonable prices so everyone takes advantage of it. there are lines that last hours outside so try regular stores. remember the more space in the store the more comfortable it is to go shopping there. plus, you don't have to wait as long on the lines. don't go to the apple store people are crazy for electronics that day try walmart, best buy etc. for that... happy shopping :DDDDDDDD



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