Black friday coupons?

Black friday coupons?

Black friday coupons?


I saw Amazon has lots of great deals on their Black Friday page, I suggest you to check it, hurry up before the items out of stock


My sister's boyfriend. Makes paper and delievery's them. In all paper's their are coupons.



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Labrae Ring......?
Try this site out It will take you to the BodyCandy site. Look up labret's. It can give you some discounts on all kinds of body jewelry as well!

Friday survey anyone :)?
1- What's for supper? Homemade chicken pot pie 2- Have you ever ran naked through a sprinkler... as an adult? No but I have skinny dipped, as a (much much younger) adult 3- When's the last time you sat down and enjoyed a Disney classic? eesh, it's been about six months. 4- What do your kids...

Has anyone bought/rented textbooks off ecampus?
cancel and reorder from it's cheap and they ship fast.  I use it and my orders process fast. Renting saves a ton over buying.  Use this re-usable coupon to save even more: CC130740.  They also buy your used books if you have some to sell.

What are some sexy I.O.U. coupon ideas?
Redeem for one strip tease show...but there are limits on how far I go Removing a coat is far enough.

WHAT ever happened to Godfather's pizza?
They have seemed to downsize, but they are still around. There is one back in my old home town in Iowa as a matter of fact. Here's a site with store locaters and some coupons: