Best steakhouses in Atlanta on a slightly limited budget?

Best steakhouses in Atlanta on a slightly limited budget?

Best steakhouses in Atlanta on a slightly limited budget?


If you are on a budget Outback and Longhorn do a pretty good job on steaks for a reasonable price. Houston's is also very good. I've never been there but the Tavern at Phipps is supposed to be very good. Cherokee Cattle Company in Cobb county is also a good choice. All of the top steakhouses will be over your budget. There is NO WAY you are getting a steak dinner at Ruth's Chris for $40 a person. The cheapest steak on their menu is $36. Steak and Lobster at Ruth's Chris will cost you $56 - $65 per plate and those prices don't include any side items, salad, a drink or the tip.


McCoy has some good suggestions. For overall value, it's hard to beat Longhorn's. You can get a decent steak in the low $20 range...comes with a side, salad and great bread. Check out their website for any specials. If your $40 per person is your total budget, that doesn't leave much for cocktails...remember the tip for the server.


There is always Ruth Chris, but I was disappointed the last time I went to the one at Roswell and 285., I would suggest the Capital Grille, Morton's or Rathburns (not Rathburns Steakhouse it is pricey). The 57th Fighter Group is neat and slightly less expensive than the others but the steaks can be hit or miss. There is a place on Ivy Street off Piedmont near Roswell Rd I'm told is excellent but I haven't been there.


Grocery store then home.


got a BRAN'S...............LOGANS........ or..TEXAS ROAD HOUSE ??



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