Best cat food to replace science diet (from these choices)?

Best cat food to replace science diet (from these choices)?

Best cat food to replace science diet (from these choices)?


The Pinnacle is the best you're going to do in the chain pet stores. Are you sure you don't have any smaller ones in the area? Try checking the phone book, you may be surprised. Then you can select any of the good ones, and often you can get samples to try as well (or at least of the dry, buying a single can is never a problem). You can also go on the web sites of the brands you'd like to try, they usually have store locator tools online and perhaps you can find something close to you that you didn't even know about.


I would go with Pinnacle. Nutro not that great either.


Of the ones you listed, Pinnacle would be my choice. The earlier post about avocados being toxic to cats is correct. It contains persin, which causes stomach upset, vomiting, and if enough is consumed death. I'm not sure why Avoderm made a pet food with this ingredient. Nutro is a big problem. UC Davis found melamine in samples. There are alot of complaints about this food harming pets. I'd have a hard time trusting them.


Nutro Natural but IAMS is my favorite


Avoderrm contains potatoes and avocados. Potatoes can 't be digested well by the cat due to the starch. Even small amounts cats find hard to digest. Avocados are toxic.Sweet pea is toxic. Alfalfa and Alfalfa sprouts are toxic. Alfafa might be listed as Lucerne. Innova Evo contain garlic and potatoes. Garlic is toxic to cats. In australia it is listed on the front packet the Evo does contain GARLIC and it says in the ingredients at the back of the packet here.Maybe different ingredients in other countries Just because vegetables are healthy for us, doesn't mean they are safe for our pets.


I don't really know much about the others, but I've had great success with Nutro Natural Choice. i stick with the chicken and rice versions and avoid fish.


You should google cat diets, or food. And look at the ones which are the best. My cat has Felidae. It is the best! My cat loves it. All of the others make her sick.


hey there, if you can find ANY natural food out there it's better than the other. if you have to go with crunchy food make sure to check the labels on the back, and make sure you are purchasing a brand that is low in magnesium and ash content. which is beneficial to your cats overall health. some stores sell small packs so you can test drive them at home with kitty, before you buy a big bag, of one kind. good luck in your searching...


Ours wouldn't eat the Felidae. Check also for the silver bags of Wysong Vitality--they should have those. Evo is the best out of them all. Any pet supplies store should be able to order it for you if you have them a week lead time before going in to pick it up. Wellness CORE is also good. I haven't heard of Avoderm Natural. Check the first 5 ingredients, 3 or 4 should be meat sources but not by-products, and no corn in the first 5 ingredients. Also protein levels should be over 34% if at all possible. If you have a diabetic cat stay away from any that include a long list of 'veggies' especially those that encourage sugar production like carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, etc. as the food can really throw off the cat's own sugar levels.



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