Aveeno Question: should i buy it?

Aveeno Question: should i buy it?

Aveeno Question: should i buy it?



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What are some good ways to save money on everyday things?
coupons, sales, rebates, consume less where possible. {Sales literally doubled when Alka-Seltzer started the "plop, plop" advertising, even though one tablet was enough. And don't overload your toothbrush with toothpaste.} buy generic. Sometimes there is no difference at all (like with aspirin...

DoEs AnY oNe KnOw??
try the sunday paper, or go to the human resource office at any store and they will furnish you with coupons. I used to work at Macys years ago

Six flags admission with coupon, and tax?
This is the price for one person... General Admission $62.99/ with 20 dollars off it would be $42.99 Junior Under 54" $39.99/ with 20 dollars off it would be $19.99 2 years of age and under is Free Safari upgrade w/ purchase of theme park ticket $12.99/ with 20 dollars off it is Free Hope you...

Any suggestions of personal microderm?
There are positive reviews and I also found I found these negative reviews of it on this site " Nadene Simmons Well I just received my kit and I was so excited to try it. First let me say it has been several hours and my skin feels like it has been...

Do You Get Good Tips At Red Lobster As A Waitress?
get clawed? { sorry- could not resist. } Red Lobster is decent to good but NOT higher end (compared to real seafood restaurants), and I am very surprised you were offered health care - given what I have read lately about the Darden (spelling?) group - who also own The Olive Garden. What do...