Any parents who have had your carpet professionally cleaned?

Any parents who have had your carpet professionally cleaned?

Any parents who have had your carpet professionally cleaned?


We used to get ours done about twice a year and it wasn't that expensive, I think it was like $40. per room but they had specials. We used a company called ZBest carpets but I think they were a local company? It was worth it, they did a good job. If you want a good product to use for spots that come up after the cleaning, use Spot Shot, it works great!!! we have mostly hard wood floors now but we have carpet in the kids bedrooms and in their play/lounge room and I use spot shot for spots and the carpet still looks great.


Yes we were satisfied on their cleaning. I hired Sparkle Carpet Cleaning here in Sydney While looking at them cleaning, I noticed other ways that I haven't done when doing it by myself. I often hire them every 3 months. My wife is careful in taking care of the carpets at home. They were affordable.


1)No 2)I'll save them the embarrassment 3)Cleaning myself was smarter- just boil your water 4)I do my own once a month 5)$140 for the carpet steamer (I use it every month like a charm)



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