Amazon books?

Amazon books?

Amazon books?


Okay, what they both said. I sell on both Amazon and eBay (and I have some beautiful children's books I plan to list soon on eBay). eBay is good because you may be able to get a "lot" of books and/or combine shipping/handling. If you purchase from multiple vendors on Amazon, the shipping and handling can get you. Still, Amazon does have a number of books that are buy 3 get the 4th free and they offer super saver shipping. I'm a Prime Amazon person, so I don't pay for 2 day shipping (though I do pay a yearly fee for the privilege). Seriously, if I knew what you were looking for, I might be of some help. Selling books is what I do now (meandchase) and I am surrounded by books that haven't made it on-line yet for various reasons. I can give you more info if you'd like. Also, you could try the eBay category Want It Now. It doesn't cost you anything and potential sellers will link their product to your want.


Forget amazon, go to ebay, you can get brand new childrens books for a fraction of the cost.


Try they might have something.


I always check here first before I shop on line..... They usually have Amazon codes. good luck!


Try searching for one on Ebay, they usually sell them for ?1 xx Emmie



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